Groups & Units

Join almost 1,500 Scouts across Worthing.

      Aged 4-14 and ready to try new things, have adventures and challenge yourself?

      Aged 14-18 and ready to take the lead, embrace change and explore the world?

      Our Groups and Units

      1st Durrington

      2nd Durrington (Sea Scouts)

      1st Goring-by-Sea

      2nd Goring-by-Sea

      1st Findon Valley (Sea Scouts)

      1st Worthing

      2nd Worthing

      3rd Worthing

      6th Worthing (Air Scouts)

      8th Worthing (Sea Scouts)

      9th Worthing

      10th Worthing

      Blake ESU

      Excelsior & Nomads ESU

      Osprey ESU

      Phoenix ESU

      Young Leaders ESU

      Scout Network Unit

      Climbing and Abseiling Scout Active Support Unit

      Gang Show Scout Active Support Unit

      Shooting Squad Scout Active Support Unit