District Team

Meet our team.

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Come and join the team supporting Leaders and Young People across Worthing.

Our Team

District Commissioner

Al Chartres

Deputy District Commissioner

Mike Hudgell

Mark Scott

Matt Edwards

Assistant District Commissioner – Beavers


Assistant District Commissioner – Cubs

Andy Cooper

Assistant District Commissioner – Scouts

Steven Jenkins

Karl Woodfield

Assistant District Commissioner – Activities

Dave Pilot

Assistant District Commissioner – Support

Lou Scott

Assistant District Commissioner – Communications

Rachel Corcoran

District Explorer Scout Commissioner


Explorer Scout Leader – Young Leaders

Mike Hudgell

District Scout Network Commissioner

Stuart Burchett

Aidan Gowing

District Youth Commissioner

Jackson Howard

Niamh Dignan

Ryan Baguley

James Burry

Local Training Manager

Ann Hudgell

District Advisor – Additional Needs

Petula Bladen

District Advisor – Health and Safety

Andrew Swayne

District Advisor – Nights Away

Chris Mantell

Paul Braisby

District Communications Manager – Media

Steven Jenkins

District Appointments Chair

Judy Marshallsay

District Appointments Secretary

Barbara Wells

District Chair

Sally Endersby

District Secretary


District Treasurer