13th November 2015

District Development Plan

Our Strategy

  • Engaging with our youth members and developing their ideas in partnership, ensuring they take the lead in keeping the movement relevant.
  • Encouraging the use of flexible volunteering, for new and existing adults, supporting and retaining our adults.
  • Utilising fully all the resources we have.
  • Delivering a good programme.
  • Work across the District in unity, sharing good practice and developing common solutions.

Our Targets

  • Growth of youth members: Do our best to ensure we can provide places for any 6-18 year olds in our district, gradually growing our numbers. Reflect the population demographic in our membership. Ensure our female membership continues to grow towards 25% of overall membership. Be prepared for developments in our town, ensuring we engage with developments at the earliest opportunity
  • Group Scout Leaders: Recruit and appoint a Group Scout Leader for each group, ensure they are trained, understand their responsibilities, and are adequately supported by assistants, so as to be fully effective.
  • Group Executive Committee: Every group to have an effective executive committee, trained as needed, and understanding their role and responsibilities to the group and as trustees. Work with District and other groups to tackle common issues.
  • Section leader recruitment: Encourage the recruitment and training of new adults, retention of youth members, YL or otherwise,  moving through the sections and retaining them as adults members in all groups.
  • Scout to Explorer links: Support the transition from Scouts to Explorer Scouts for ALL 14 year olds.
  • Explorer to Network links: Support the transition from Explorer Scouts to Network for ALL 18 year olds.
  • Group Development Plans: Coordinate with the groups in developing their plans in conjunction with the District, County and the Scout Associations objectives.
  • Queen Scouts: Help at least 3 of our members achieve their Gold DofE award, and ultimately their Queens Scout award each year.
  • Nights Away: Every youth member offered at least 1 nights away opportunity each year.

 Challenging Ourselves

  • Individual – Recruit a parent, friend, work colleague, relative or former member to fill any adult role, large or small.
  • Individual – Attend one district adult event each year, social, SASU, Training (over ongoing learning).
  • Group – Eradicate our waiting lists, and ensure are section numbers are always well managed.
  • Section Teams – Have 1 new adult achieve their Nights Away Permit each year.
  • District – Utilise or engage with the Active Support units annually.